LG UX 5.0 - new user interface for LG G5

LG unveils fresh approach with UX 5.0

A ‘more playful and innovative’ user interface was promised by LG, as the company launched LG UX 5.0. It is the latest version of LG’s Android overlay, and will start rolling out to the LG G5 imminently, with future smartphones from the South Korean company also benefiting.

Yesterday, Android Wafer featured the news that the Android app drawer will return to the LG G5, a process that will take place via the release of LG UX 5.0.

LG UX 5.0 introduces a number of revisions, of which the company believes LG Friends Manager to be the most notable.

LG Friends Manager is designed to make it easy for LG G5 owners to connect their smartphone to what are termed ‘LG Friends’ – essentially compatible modules and accessories, such as the LG 360 CAM.

Modules and accessories are detected automatically by LG Friends Manager. The intention is to make pairing as easy as possible, with any required apps downloaded from Google Play.