Microsoft Flow - task automation

Microsoft brings Flow automation to Android

Microsoft’s task-automation app Flow has arrived on Android in the shape of a public beta release. Flow is able to connect with a variety of apps and services, and can be used to design a range of workflows.

Anyone who is familiar with the popular IFTTT app will already recognise the broad concept of Flow.

An example use case scenario that Microsoft gives in its introduction video demonstrates how flow can be used to manage a Twitter account. If a customer tweets about a company, using Flow that business can automatically follow the customer back, send them an introductory message, write their information to a spreadsheet and add their contact details to Salesforce.

But Flow can be used with far more than just Twitter and Salesforce. There are currently 43 different services supported, including YouTube, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Tasks, Box, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram.

The public beta of Flow is available to access via the Play Store.