Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft to add Samsung Gear VR support to Xbox controller

Soon it will possible to take advantage of an Xbox controller when using the Samsung Gear VR headset. In October, Microsoft will begin enabling the Xbox controller to be used with Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, on Samsung’s virtual reality headset.

There is no shortage of Bluetooth gamepads that already work with the Samsung Gear VR, but Microsoft’s latest addition will be widely welcomed.

Game controllers can be an acquired taste, but the Xbox accessory is generally well liked. With an already large number of Xbox controllers out in the wild, there will be many Samsung Gear VR owners presented with a new gamepad option they did not have to purchase separately.

Even those without an Xbox could benefit, as it is possible to update the firmware of Xbox controllers using Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. This will be seen as a viable option for some, given the popularity of the Microsoft controller.

At present, functionality is limited to Minecraft. However, Microsoft has hinted that other titles may be included in the future, stating that announcements will be made “when additional Gear VR games are supported”.

[via Android Authority]