Skype app for Android

Microsoft to make Skype an all-in-one Android messaging app

Since the launch of Google Allo, there has been a lot of talk about the app’s failure to fully integrate instant messaging and traditional SMS within a single client. Microsoft is now looking to take advantage of this opportunity, by introducing a new feature to Skype.

Skype Preview users on Windows Phone and Windows 10 now have the option of sending SMS and MMS messages, with the feature existing alongside regular Skype text chat. This allows Windows users to easily communicate via a single app, independent of whether a data signal is available.

Microsoft has revealed that it is also working on bringing this SMS relay feature to Android devices. Given Android’s huge market share, it is a move that would greatly extend the reach of the service.

As well as benefiting Skype users in general, widening the availability of SMS relay could be a boost to the Android platform. The lack of an all-in-one messaging system is a notable omission, and the changes to Skype could go some way to providing a solution.