User wearing HTC Vive VR headset

New HTC Vive could be released in time for Christmas

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset may have only launched back in April, but rumours have already emerged that the Taiwanese company is preparing to release a revised edition. Current speculation indicates there will not be long to wait, with a new Vive potentially being launched by Christmas.

It is worth emphasising at this stage the speculative nature of this story. Launching a revised edition of the Vive would be a surprising move, as HTC would risk irritating those who have already purchased a product that is relatively expensive.

One theory is that a new edition of the Vive would be both smaller and lighter than the existing unit, leaving HTC better placed ahead of the highly-competitive Christmas market.

The rumours have emerged from a Reddit post by someone who claims to work for a supplier in Taiwan. Although many enthusiasts and news outlets are treating the report seriously, Android Wafer is sceptical at this stage.

The Redditor speculates that the new Vive will be released either towards the end of 2016, or in the first quarter of 2017. This is based upon the company they apparently work for supplying a new head strap to HTC from September this year.

Given the relatively short time that the Vive has been available for, it seems unlikely that HTC will release a major revision. If a new edition does materialise, it is possible that the changes will be small, and that existing users will be able to upgrade their headsets.

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