Google Play Store - September 2016

New ‘Wait for Wi-Fi’ option being tested for Google Play downloads

Google is currently testing a feature which allows users to queue future Play Store downloads until a Wi-Fi connection becomes available. The option potentially enables users to browse Google Play and select downloads, without having to worry about data charges.

Downloading apps and games from the Play Store can rapidly consume vast amounts of data. This means that those with data caps can quickly hit the limits imposed by their tariffs, whilst others face hefty data charges.

As 3G and 4G data usage has increased in recent years, mobile networks have become less generous with their data allowances. As a result, offers such as unlimited data tariffs have become both rarer and more costly.

After selecting an app for download, users who are testing the new feature see a notice warning them of the download size, and offering the options of either continuing as normal, or postponing until a wi-fi connection is detected.

The notice does make clear that this is a beta feature, so may be removed in the future. However, huge numbers of Play Store users are likely to benefit from this option, so there is a very real chance that Google will pursue a wider roll-out.

[via Android Authority]