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Night Mode may return to Nexus devices

Google may be about to relent and give Nexus device owners access to Night Mode once again. The feature was removed in Android 7.0 Nougat, with Google claiming that it resulted in issues with performance.

Night Mode worked by filtering out the blue light which is thought to contribute to sleep problems.

Frustratingly for owners of Nexus smartphones and tablets, the feature is offered in Android 7.1.1, on both the Pixel and Pixel XL. On Google’s latest smartphones, it is named ‘Night Light’.

The removal of Night Mode from Nexus devices has lead to a large number of complaints, often in the form of bug reports submitted to Google. One such report has now been given the status ‘FutureRelease’.

Although this development far from guarantees the return of Night Mode, it does at least offer Nexus owners some hope.

Strangely, Google chose to remove Night Mode at a time when blue light filters are growing in popularity. There are a number of third-party apps on the Play Store offering the same functionality, and companies like Samsung and Huawei have baked the feature into some of their devices.

[via Android Authority]