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Nokia 3, 5 and 6 European availability – latest updates

Nokia’s Android smartphone are only on sale in a limited number of European countries, and even in those markets where the handsets can be bought, the full range is not available. However, recently there has been some progress, with further releases and announcements of new release dates.

United Kingdom

It was initially expected that the Nokia 3 would sell for £119.99 in the UK, but it has actually gone on sale at £129.99 from both Tesco and the Carphone Warehouse. The handset is even more expensive at John Lewis, carrying a price tag of £149.95.

Amazon currently lists the Copper edition of the Nokia 3 as being available from 10 August.

Next in line for a UK launch in the Nokia 6, which is expected to sell for £219.99 when in launches exclusively though the Carphone Warehouse, on 2 August. This will be followed by the Nokia 5 on 16 August, priced at £179.99 and available from a broader selection of retailers.


In Germany the Nokia 5 can be can currently be purchased from a limited selection of retailers. The dual SIM edition of the smartphone is in stock right now at comtech, selling for €209,90. OTTO also have the dual SIM version available for a similar price, while ComStern has the single SIM unit for €190,00.

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