Nokia HERE - 3D indoor maps

Nokia HERE brings indoor 3D maps to Android

The HERE maps apps, from Nokia, has been revised to offer a number of new features, including indoor 3D layouts. With the new version of the app, HERE has exited beta development and is now a full-fledged offering, competing directing with Google Maps.

One of the key strengths of Google Maps is the scope of its Street View service. Google Maps provides panoramic views of many streets around the world, and matching the global reach of Street View would be very difficult for Nokia.

As a result, Nokia as sought to differentiate HERE. One of the ways it is doing this is through its indoor 3D maps, which include venues such as shopping centres and airports.

Although Google Maps also offers indoor views, these rely on real-world photographs, similar to Street View.

One advantage of HERE’s computer-generated 3D models is that they are more straightforward to produce than Google’s indoor mapping, which requires someone to take photos from inside a venue. As Nokia is able to rely on data, rather than requiring someone to physically be on-site, there is the potential roll-out indoor mapping at a much faster rate than Google.

HERE map’s navigation has also been revised and now displays a clean overview of the driving, public transport and walking options on a single page.

Interactivity within HERE maps as been increased as well. For example, it is possible to tap on features such as road closures and restaurants, which brings up the duration of the road closure and restaurant contact information, respectively.