Nokia N1 tablet - rear

Nokia testing 18.4-inch Android tablet

With Nokia returning to the mobile arena in 2017, product launches will not just be limited to smartphones. The company has been open about the fact that it is also planning to release a tablet, and now an 18.4-inch Nokia slate has been spotted running on benchmarking service GFXBench.

Nokia certainly would not be the first company to launch a big-screen tablet, but none of the previous releases have managed to achieve any mainstream success.

It is possible that the unit on GFXBench – which was running Android – may have been a prototype, with no firm plans for a commercial release.

The tablet market continued to cool last year, so it is conceivable that Nokia could be looking to do something different from most other manufacturers in order to court attention. Although Android is not well optimised for large screens, so the use-case for an 18.4-inch device could prove quite limited.

[via Neowin]