nubia Z17mini gold

Nubia Z17mini set for European release

Nubia has provided confirmation of its global ambitions with news that the nubia Z17mini is to be released internationally. The forthcoming Android smartphone will be made available in Europe, India and other selected markets.

Having only announced the new device in its domestic market of China yesterday, nubia has acted quickly to confirm global availability. The move offers a clear indication that nubia wants to be seen as an international business, rather than a company with a specific focus on China.

The nubia Z17mini will not be the first nubia smartphone to be released outside China, although the company is still a relatively small player outside of its home market.

Previous global releases such as the nubia Z11 miniS have won praise due to their good build quality. The nubia UI software has also been well received due to the range of additional feature it offers.

Although a precise date has not been revealed, the company has said that the nubia Z17mini will be available internationally from May.