Oxygen OS

OnePlus announces team behind own version of Android

OnePlus has revealed further details about OxygenOS, which is the company’s own take on Android. Although the OnePlus One smartphone was initially released running the custom ROM CyanogenMod, the relationship between OnePlus and Cyanogen has since cooled.

A number of the team behind OxygenOS previously worked on the popular Paranoid Android custom ROM. OnePlus has also recruited staff with experience working for big tech companies such as Google and Microsoft.

Since Cyanogen agreed an exclusive deal with smartphone manufacturer Micromax for the Indian market, OnePlus has focussed on developing its own fork of Android.

OnePlus and OxygenOS

OnePlus has emphasised that OxygenOS will be lightweight and bloatware-free. The company also revealed a logo for the OS, which follows a similar design to the main OnePlus branding.