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Parking information is being added to Google Maps

Google Maps v9.44 beta includes a new feature that could prove to be very useful for a lot of users. Details about parking availability at a destination is being added to route plans, letting drivers know how easy it will be to find a space.

The app categorises parking availability by three different indicators: Easy, Medium and Limited.

A small ‘P’ is shown on the route-planning screen along with basic guidance. The ‘P’ icon also turns red in cases where parking has been labelled as Limited.

What is not known at the moment is where Google Maps is sourcing the data it uses to deliver the parking information. This is crucial, as the amount of data available will determine how widely this feature will be rolled out.

At the moment, parking details seem to be available in v9.44 beta for some locations in the United States. But what is not clear is whether the entire country will be covered, or if Google Maps will offer this feature internationally.

[via Android Police]