Google Play Store - September 2016

Play Movies & TV introduces notifications for expiring rewards

A new update to the Play Movies & TV app has been rolled out, and while little has changed on the surface, there is still a noteworthy introduction. One of the most interesting additions is an option that could prove useful to bargain hunters.

Many Play Movies & TV users keep an eye out for hot deals, and from time-to-time Google offers special deals to customers. These typically take the form of a voucher which provides a discount on a future purchase.

The only issue is that these promotional vouchers have expiry dates. Missing out on a deal can be a frustrating experience, but now there is an option to receive a notification before a reward expires.

In addition to the new notification feature, there has also been some changes under the hood, including preparations for 4K content, which is to be introduced later this year.

[via Android Police]