Fenix Twitter app for Android

Popular third-party Twitter app Fenix is blocked

Twitter appears to have blocked users of the third-party Android Twitter app Fenix from posting tweets. As a result, developer Matteo Villa has withdrawn Fenix from the Play Store, although he insists that it will be republished once the problem has been rectified.

Fenix is not the first third party Android Twitter client to have difficulties. Last year the case of Falcon Pro was much discussed, as the well-liked app reached the 100,000 token limit.

The problem afflicting Fenix does not appear to be related to Twitter’s controversial token limit, however.

On Google Plus, Villa announced that users were being blocked from posting tweets, but said he had contacted Twitter, hoping to resolve the issue.

“It seem that for unknown reasons Twitter somehow blocked the application, so we are no longer able to post tweets,” he said. “I’ve contacted Twitter support for explanations [sic].”

To his credit, Villa seems to have reacted quickly. He apologised to users and has since removed Fenix from Google Play until the problem has been resolved.

Existing users have been assured by the Fenix Twitter account that they won’t be disadvantaged long-term – the developer intends to republish the app, following which users will have full access to any future upgrades.