Flamingo Twitter - unofficial Android Twitter app

Renowned Android developer releases unofficial Twitter app

A new unofficial Twitter app for Android has made an immediate impact, with the client generating a great deal of discussion online. Flamingo has been developed by a well-known developer with good credentials, a factor which has captured a lot of people’s attention.

The developer behind Flamingo is Sam Ruston, who won a Material Design award at Google I/O. Ruston is known for Weather Timeline, which is one of the most popular weather forecasting apps on the Play Store.

A key reason behind Weather Timeline’s popularity is its simple, clean design. In the same vein, visual appearance is also one of the biggest strengths of Flamingo, with the Twitter client offering a simple layout and colourful appearance

Flamingo is currently in beta and the Play Store listing warns: “Flamingo is in its early stages [of development], there will be features missing and bugs present so please take the time to email me about this before leaving a negative review.”

Like Weather Timeline, Flamingo is a paid app, with the new Twitter client current selling for £1.19 in the UK. Ruston has said that once Flamingo exits beta status, no-one who has previously purchased the app will be charged again.

Despite Flamingo being a paid app that is in beta, it has still generated a large amount of early interest. At the time of writing, 209 reviews have been left on Google Play, with an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

It is likely that much of the early interest has come from a combination of Ruston’s good reputation and some impressive-looking screenshots.

Over on the Android subreddit, a discussion about Flamingo has been by far the most popular thread of the day and currently has a submission score of 1379.