Firefox OS apps on Android

Run Firefox OS apps on Android smartphones and tablets

In a bid to both battle for market share and influence the development of web technologies, Mozilla has created its own mobile operating system, Firefox OS. This is in addition to developing a version of the Firefox browser for Android.

Now Mozilla is bring its mobile OS and browser together in order to run Firefox OS apps on Android.

Anyone with the Android version of Firefox 29, or above, is able to use Firefox OS apps on their device. There is no complex set-up or configuration required.

It is no great surprise that Mozilla has managed to achieve this feat in its battle of mobile influence. Firefox OS apps are developed using web technologies – namely HTML, CSS and Javascript – which are already used extensively within Android.

Mozilla has managed to integrate Firefox OS apps smoothly into Android, however, ensuring that users of Google’s mobile OS will be presented with a familiar experience. Apps downloaded and installed via Firefox behave similarly to those obtained via Google Play, and can be accessed from a device’s launcher.

Although the number of Firefox OS apps is somewhat limited at the present time, having easy access to another ecosystem is still positive for anyone with an Android device. And the move will also be welcomed by developers, who now have the opportunity to reach a much greater number of people with their work.

[via Mozilla]