Samsung Galaxy S8 - China launch in Beijing

Samsung announces Galaxy S8 for China

After being launched in many markets around the world, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has now been presented in China. The South Korean company held a special event at Beijing’s Great Wall Theater, which was attended by around 1,000 people.

The Chinese smartphone market is not only very large, it is also unique in many respects. In China, consumers have particular expectations that are not always present elsewhere, and many popular services are specific to the country.

Chinese consumers expect smartphones to be shipped complete with a lot of preloaded functionality. This is in contrast to international markets, where a more stock-like approach is usually favoured, with customers wanting to download their own apps for customisation.

During the launch event, Samsung was keen to emphasise that the Chinese edition of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be specially adapted to the local market. Partnerships with the likes of Tencent and Weibo have been agreed, ensuring that popular domestic services will be readily available on the device.