Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion

Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales and exchanges halted following further reports of explosions

There is more trouble ahead for Samsung, following reports of newly-exchanged Samsung Galaxy Note7s suffering explosions. The latest news follows the implementation of a global recall programme, after a number of battery fires from the initial batch of sales.

Ars Technica has catalogued seven cases of apparent battery fires affecting Samsung Galaxy Note7s, which featured the new ‘safe’ battery.

Following the new instances of battery fires, UK mobile network Three has reacted by halting the exchange of Samsung Galaxy Note7s for their customers. Like many other networks around the world, Three are in discussions with Samsung about the future of the device.

“We are currently assessing the situation with Samsung and we will be seeking guidance from them before we resume any further exchanges of the Note 7, as the safety of our customers is paramount,” a Three spokesperson stated.

Also in the UK, O2 and EE have both said that they are in contact with Samsung following the latest reports of battery fires. While over on the other side of the Atlantic, US networks AT&T and T-Mobile have suspended sales of the handset.

[via Ars Technica]