Samsung Galaxy S5 - Electric Blue

Samsung Galaxy S5 finally unseated

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 has finally eclipsed the Samsung Galaxy S5 to become the South Korean company’s most popular handset, according to analysis from ScientiaMobile. The Samsung Galaxy S5 had been persistently holding onto top spot, despite having been released back in 2014.

The data from ScientiaMobile consisted of web browsing use, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 taking over from its older sibling in March 2017.

While it is not clear whether the figures for the Samsung Galaxy S7 also include the Edge variant, both versions offer identical specs in most respects and target a similar subsection of consumers.

The newly-released Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ do not feature in the analysis, with the devices having only recently gone on sale.

[via Phandroid]