Samsung Z1 - Tizen smartphone

Samsung getting ready for Tizen smartphone push

More parts of the world could have access to an increased number of smartphones running Tizen, Samsung’s own mobile operating system, over the course of 2015. Following promising sales, the South Korean electronics giant is now looking to expand the reach of the OS.

Although a lot of speculation has surrounded Tizen over the past couple of years, there was relatively little global hype when the Tizen Z1 was launched at the start of 2015. This is because Samsung has been using the platform to target specific emerging markets, rather than attempting to go head-to-head with Android around the world.

The Tizen Z1 has nonetheless sold very well where it has been released. It is therefore not a surprise to see that a source has told the Reuters news agency that Samsung is now planning to expand its range of Tizen handsets.

New Tizen smartphones will reportedly be released later in 2015, with devices designed to target a number of different price points, in an attempt to attract a broader range of consumers.

[via Reuters]