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Samsung linked with Microsoft tie-up for Galaxy S6

It has been widely expected for some time that Samsung will be more revolutionary with the Samsung Galaxy S6 than they were with its predecessor. Current speculation suggests that the forthcoming flagship Android smartphone will come with less Samsung apps, and may even offer Microsoft apps preinstalled.

The story of a Microsoft link-up has emerged from SamMobile, a reputable blog that is dedicated to covering the South Korean electronics giant.

An oft-repeated criticism of Samsung’s Android devices is that the in-house software customisations are too bloated. Switching to apps developed by Microsoft could offer a smoother user experience, as well as presenting enterprise integration options with other Microsoft services.

It is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may feature Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneNote and Skype, as well as Microsoft Office Mobile with a free subscription to Office 365.

Samsung currently produces a wider range of its own apps than its covered by Microsoft’s aforementioned package.

It is also worth noting that whilst Samsung’s own apps are a source of frustration for some users, others find them to be useful additions over stock Android’s offering. Therefore, Samsung’s apps will likely continue to be available from the Galaxy Apps store for download, even if they are not preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy S6.