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Samsung may seek LG battery supply for Galaxy S8

In what could turn out to be a major surprise, it has emerged that Samsung may attempt to secure a deal to use LG batteries in next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship. Following the battery fires experienced by some Samsung Galaxy Note7 handsets, the company is considering making some drastic changes next year.

If such a deal is concluded, it would represent a big surprise – historically the two South Korean conglomerates have not had a close working relationship.

In a bizarre incident last year, Samsung accused Jo Seong-jin, head of LG’s home appliance division, of vandalising its washing machines at a Samsung store in Germany.

Although it seems an unlikely prospect, the report that Samsung is looking to secure a supply of LG batteries has come from the Maeil Business Newspaper, a well-respected publication in South Korea. The Maeil Business Newspaper even carries a quote from a ‘high-ranking Samsung Electronics official’, acknowledging the possibility.

“We are reviewing plans to diversify our component suppliers in many areas including the battery field,” the unnamed Samsung official said. “We are thinking of striking supply contracts with LG Chem in a range of components from adhesives for touch screen and display to battery cells.”

Although LG supplying batteries to Samsung would be surprising, such an agreement would not be entirely without precedent. The Korea Herald notes that Samsung already sources some smartphone camera modules from LG.

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