Samsung Galaxy Apps store

Samsung renews attempts to compete with Google Play

Samsung has relaunched its app store, in an attempt to become a serious player in the hotly-contested digital services market. The new offering is branded Galaxy Apps, and Samsung hopes to convince buyers of its Android smartphones and tablets to switch away from Google Play.

Nearly all smartphone and tablets owners use the default digital market place that shipped with their devices. Android is no different, and in most areas of the world users rely on the Play Store – Google’s default offering.

As Samsung considers it essential to offer Google services on its Android devices, removing the Play Store is not an option. Therefore, the company is left having to provide its own alternative alongside Google’s default marketplace.

Convincing Samsung owners to make use of the newly revitalised Galaxy Apps store may prove to be a difficult task, however. The Play Store is better known and offers the advantage of allowing purchased apps to be installed on multiple Android devices, independent of the hardware manufacturer.