Samsung Galaxy S7 - Black Onyx - front/top of display

Samsung to make €6 billion AMOLED investment

There is increasing momentum starting to build behind AMOLED mobile displays, with a report that Samsung is to significantly boost its production of screens which use the technology. Samsung has favoured AMOLED displays for its high-end smartphones for some time now, and there are indications that rival manufacturers are starting to move in the same direction.

According to reports in the South Korean press, Samsung is planning a sizable investment of KRW 8 trillion (which is around €6 billion/£4.73 bn/£6.82 bn) in its AMOLED display production. As a result of this investment, Samsung plans to increase its manufacturing capacity from 300 million AMOLED smartphone displays per year to 500 million.

The reason for such a significant investment is not likely to be an anticipation of much higher sales volumes of Samsung smartphones, given the mature state of the market. Instead, Samsung is likely expecting that other manufacturers will move away from LCD to AMOLED displays, therefore creating a demand for its screens.

There have been strong rumours recently that Apple will be once such example of a company that starts using AMOLED displays in its smartphones. Recent speculation has indication that Samsung has agreed a deal to supply 100 million AMOLED screens for the iPhone.

[via Android Authority]