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Samsung to terminate remaining Note7 smartphones

Samsung will release a firmware update that will effectively render remaining Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices inoperable. The company has announced that it will make the update available starting on 19 December, with the roll-out to be completed within 30 days.

The update will prevent the Samsung Galaxy Note7 from being charged. Samsung states that it will also have the effect of removing “their ability to work as mobile devices”.

Samsung’s statement indicates that as well as preventing further battery charging, they also intend to disable the modem on the device.

Following reports of battery fires after initial Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales, a revised device was released. However, after news emerged of fires occurring with replacement handsets, Samsung took the decision to issue a full recall.

Samsung has confirmed that the firmware update will be rolled out in the United States, where over 93 percent of the recalled units have been returned.

Plans for the rest of the world have yet to be announced, although it is likely that Samsung will take similar action in other territories.

Given the high percentage of returns, Samsung’s recall procedure has proven to be relatively successful so far.

The latest action will offer those customers still holding out a significant reason to return their Samsung Galaxy Note7. It will also heavily reduce the likelihood of further fires occurring in any unit that is not handed back to the manufacturer.