Snapchat custom geofilter

Snapchat introduces simple geofilter creation service

Snapchat has made it easier to create custom geofilters with a new set of tools. The new feature has been designed to produce a revenue stream for the social app, with a fee attached to the service.

Geofilters offer a way of adding an fun overlay to a photo, that is relevant to a particular location. Custom geofilters, in particular, are useful for anyone involved in a big event, such as a party or a wedding.

New geofilters will have to go through an approval process before they go live in the app. Once this has been completed payment details will be confirmed, with pricing starting from $5.99 (approximately €5.25/£4.55).

The exact cost of a custom geofilter will vary depending on the popularity of the location and the length of time it will be available for. Geofilters can be set to appear for a little as one hour, or as long as 90 days.

Although the concept of custom geofilters within Snapchat is not a fresh innovation, they can now be created more easily. The features available in the mobile creative studio include familiar add-ons such as stickers, which are a commonly-used option for decorating snaps.