Sony image sensors

Sony announced new super-slow-mo smartphone camera sensor

Sony has developed a new CMOS sensor for smartphones that is capable of capturing footage at 1,000 frames per second. It includes an additional layer with DRAM, allowing for fast readout speeds.

The 1,000 frame per second video can be recorded at Full HD. It is possible to capture super-slow-mo movies that are around 8-times faster than what can be produced with standard sensors on the market today.

Sony has been unsurprisingly eager to show off the new sensor’s capabilities, uploading a video to YouTube that features a range of slow-mo action.

It is not clear which smartphone will be the first to include the sensor, although past history would suggest that it is likely to debut in one of Sony’s own products, with a period of exclusivity lasting around 6 months.

Given the sensor’s capabilities, though, Sony will almost certainly be in receipt of offers from other manufacturers that will want to be the first to launch a smartphone that includes the technology.