Spotify Android phone app

Spotify revises free offering on mobile

Spotify has relaunched its free music proposition for Android and iOS, with very different services being offered depending on whether a smartphone or tablet is being used. Anyone using Spotify’s app on a mobile phone will have access to a rebranded version of the previous Radio feature, whilst tablet users will receive a similar service to anyone using a desktop computer.

Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO, was eager to get the point across that his company now offer a feature that goes beyond the established radio services.

“We don’t want to make another radio-type service,” he said. “We want to make something that’s really great – that really fits into people’s lives.”

In reality, though, the new ad-supported Shuffle feature sees smartphone users being offered something that is relatively similar to a radio service. It is possible to listen to music based on an artist or playlist, but individual tracks – and the order in which they are played – cannot be modified.

On a tablet, however, it is possible to listen to individual tracks or albums, with the service also being supported by adverts. This tablet-only proposition goes beyond the free radio-like services provided by rivals iTunes Radio and

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