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Google+ Photos are now viewable from inside the Google Drive Android app

AI update brings easier archiving to Google Photos

A new Google Photo feature has been introduced to help make the task of managing images more straightforward. The addition uses artificial intelligence to suggest photos that users may want to archive.

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Goolge Home speaker

Multi-user support comes to Google Home

Google Home can now recognise different voices, creating individual responses for members of a household. The change means that when someone speaks to Google Home, they will get an update that is relevant to them, rather than, for example, a list of another person’s appointments.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver

Bixby to gain German support

A clear requirement for an international company like Samsung is that its products are localised. And for the company’s AI project Bixby, the South Korean conglomerate has confirmed that German will be added in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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Google Keep - shopping list suggestions

Google Assistant’s shopping lists are moving Home

Shopping lists created with Google Assistant will no longer be automatically transferred to the Google Keep app. Instead, any list created via the digital helper will instead be placed in the Google Home app.

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Google Home speaker

Google Home and WiFi officially announced for UK

Google has officially confirmed that it will launch the Google Home speaker in the United Kingdom. The release is no surprise, but the search engine giant has now officially laid out its plan.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) - Peach Cloud

Samsung makes surprising Bixby AI announcement

Samsung has soft-launched Bixby, its new artificial intelligence engine. The technology will see the South Korean company go head-to-head with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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Google Home speaker - base colours

Google Home speaker nearing UK release date

Google has sent out invitations to an event in the United Kingdom, which has been scheduled for 28 March. It is likely this will be used as a stage to launch the Google Home speaker, which is set to make its debut in the country.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 - Black Onyx - front/top of display

Samsung Galaxy S8 impresses partners

Although Samsung will unveil its 2017 flagship smartphone later than rivals such as Sony and LG, early indications suggest that the company could make a big impact with the device. The Samsung Galaxy S8 was demonstrated to partners at the recent Mobile World Congress trade show, and the handset was reportedly very well received.

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Google Home speaker

Google to release Home speaker in UK

The Google Home speaker will launch in the United Kingdom, some eight months after it was first released in the United States. It will go on sale in June, although local pricing and sales channels have yet to be confirmed.

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LG G5 - Titan

LG promotes AI capabilities of G6

LG has offered further indication of what can be expected when they launch their 2017 flagship Android smartphone. Unsurprisingly, like rival companies, LG is set to focus heavily on integrating artificial intelligence into their next big smartphone release.

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