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Raspberry Pi 3

Official Android support may come to Raspberry Pi 3

Although the hardware architecture of the Raspberry Pi is similar to that of most Android devices, there is no official edition of the mobile operating system available for the popular single-board computer. That could be about to change, however, with indications emerging that an Android build for the Raspberry Pi is being considered.

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Chrome - Android homepage

Why the Android WebView security bug will not be fixed

Recently, news of a security flaw in older versions of Android has been receiving a considerable amount of coverage in the mainstream press. The issue centres around WebView, which is used by Android in order to render web pages.

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Android robot

Why Microsoft can’t drop Windows Phone to fork Android

With PC sales declining and attention increasingly switching towards mobile devices, old stalwart Microsoft is under pressure. There is a belief that the company entered the mobile operating system race too late, and that unless drastic action is taken, they will be unable to compete with Google and Apple in the future.

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