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CloudReady on old Lenovo laptop

The future of Chrome OS on old desktop PCs and laptops

Google has quietly made an investment that has the potential to have a big impact on the future of Chrome OS. The search engine giant was lead investor in the latest fundraising round from Neverware, the company behind the CloudReady operating system. It is an investment which could have a big impact on the future of Chrome OS.

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HP Chromebook 13 G1 - trackpad

Pinch-to-zoom support coming to Chromebook trackpads

While Chromebooks offer support for an impressive range of touchpad gestures, there is one in particular that is absent. Pinch-to-zoom functionality has never been implemented on Chrome OS, but now it appears that Google is planning to add support for the feature.

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ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA

Chromebooks to receive some Android features before smartphones

Google is still working on establishing Android app support on Chromebooks, and the search engine giant has confirmed some exciting future plans for the venture. Demonstrating its commitment to Chrome OS, Google has said it may introduce some new Android features to Chromebooks before they arrive on other devices.

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ASUS Chromebook C300

Chrome OS 57 brings improved Android support

A number of new features have been introduced with the release of Chrome OS 57.0.2987.123. The additions to Google’s desktop operating system have been designed to better fit how Chrome OS is being used in 2017.

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Windows 10 Enterprise Edition - Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 - WinHEC

Microsoft successfully deploys Windows 10 on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

Microsoft has offered insight into the future of Windows on mobile devices, showing off a full edition of Windows 10 running on an ARM chipset. Although the Windows Phone platform has effectively been in limbo for some time now, Microsoft is working on delivering a unified experience across all screen sizes.

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Acer Chromebook (white)

Android Bloatware may be installed on new Chromebooks

The support for Android apps on Chrome OS has understandably received a considerable amount of positive attention. But it has emerged that there may be at least one potential downside to the change, with Google working to make it possible for manufacturers to preinstall Android apps onto devices.

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Chrome browser desktop apps - Google Web Store

Chrome apps to be available on Chrome OS only as Windows, Linux and OS X support axed

Chrome browser apps are to be discontinued on Windows, Linux and OS X, with just Chrome OS left supporting the software platform. Google has said that the need for Chrome apps has been reduced, thanks to advances in web standards.

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Chromebook Pixel 2015 running Google Play

As Chromebooks start outselling Macs, Google announces Chrome OS will support Android apps

When an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal stating that Chrome OS would be folded into Android, many feared the worst for the future of Chromebooks. Now, less than six months later, the Chrome OS platform looks to be in excellent health, following two important pieces of news.

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