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Google Chromecast - 2nd generation - black

Long-standing Chromecast issue gets a fix

For many months now Chromecast households have been plagued with notifications on their devices, whenever someone on the same network uses the media streaming dongle. The idea behind the feature was to allow multiple users easy control of a Chromecast, although many were left frustrated.

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Oculus app - Samsung Gear VR- Chromecast

Chromecast support comes to Samsung Gear VR

The Oculus app is now compatible with Chromecast, allowing the Samsung Gear VR headset to be used with Google’s media streaming dongle. Through the app, it is now possible to display the headset’s content on a second screen, bringing a new dimension to the virtual reality experience.

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Samsung Smart View app - Supergirl

Samsung smart TVs could offer full video casting

In the process of updating one of its mobile apps, Samsung appears to have accidentally leaked the fact that it has been working on a service similar to Chromecast built-in (the new name for Google Cast). The new service appears to be a significant improvement on Samsung’s existing offering, going head-to-head with Google’s more established alternative.

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Google Home speaker

Netflix and Google Photos ready for Google Home

Two new services are being made available for use with Google Home. The speaker will soon work with both Netflix and Google Photos, as support grows for the home automation platform.

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Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL - silver & black

Focus is on Google Assistant with launch of two new Pixel smartphones

Google has delivered a keynote presentation which offered hints about the future of the company. The whole event was centred around artificial intelligence, and more specifically, Google Assistant.

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Chromecast 2015 Lemonade

Chromecast Ultra $69 and Google Home $129 prices outed

The prices of the Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming dongle and Google Home speaker have been reported by a prominent Android media outlet, ahead of their expected launch on 4 October. A price of $69 applies to Chromecast Ultra, while Google Home will go on sale at $129.

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Google Cast notification set-up

Easier Chromecast set-up coming to Android devices

A big new update is heading to Android smartphones and tablets, which will simplify setting up Google Cast products, such as Chromecast and Chromecast Audio. The revision will mean that when an Android device detects a piece of Google Cast-supporting hardware that has not yet been set up, a notification will appear offering an easy way to start the set-up process.

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Facebook Android app - news feed

Chromecast support may be on the way for Facebook’s Android app

Facebook’s expansion as a media platform looks set to continue, with Chromecast support being added to its Android app. The beta edition of the app is reportedly now showing the Google Cast icon when videos are played.

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Chromecast continues to sell well as demand increases

As traditional linear broadcasting continues to come under pressure, the popularity of streaming devices is soaring. Leading the way is Google Chromecast, which was the biggest seller in 2015.

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Chromecast 2015 (Lemonade) connected to TV HDMI port

Analytics now available for Chromecast developers

Understanding viewer habits has long been essential for traditional linear broadcasters, and as the way we consume media changes, it is important for content providers to be able to track new behaviours. With this in mind, there is good news for anyone who makes their content available via Chromecast, as Google has introduced new analytics tools for developers.

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