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Google Maps real-time location sharing and navigation

Location sharing coming to Google Maps

It will soon be possible to share location data from the Google Maps mobile apps. The feature is designed to make organising events and meet-ups easy, by sharing data between selected contacts.

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Google Maps Android app - driving directions

Parking information is being added to Google Maps

Google Maps v9.44 beta includes a new feature that could prove to be very useful for a lot of users. Details about parking availability at a destination is being added to route plans, letting drivers know how easy it will be to find a space.

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Google Maps settings - 'Wi-Fi only' mode

‘Wi-Fi only’ mode added to Google Maps app

The Google Maps Android app has proven to be a popular navigation tool, but there are times when the service can be both frustrating and costly. Downloading mapping data is a very data-intensive activity, which can be problematic in some circumstances.

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Google Maps on Android stickers

Google Maps on Android now with added stickers

The Google Maps app for Android now allows users to add custom stickers to maps. There are a variety of icons to choose from, ranging from houses to a dragon.

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Google Maps desktop - new Send to device feature

Google Maps can now transfer directions from desktop to Android

Google has made it much easier to plan journeys on a desktop computer and transfer the results to an Android device. The new feature works be linking the desktop version of Google Maps to the Android app via a user’s Google account.

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Google Street View indoor maps - The National Museum of Denmark

Contribute to Google Street View from your Android phone and tablet

It is now possible for Android device users to add their own panorama imagery to Google Street View. The move effectively makes the crowd sourcing of Street View data possible, and could see the service expand rapidly.

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