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LG G6 ready for launch in Europe

One of the most anticipated Android smartphones of 2017 is due to land in Europe next week, with the LG G6 set to launch in 24 countries across the continent on 24 April. The handset will go head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is due to be released just four days later.

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LG G5 - Silver Titan

LG opts for “full-metal body” with G6

LG is planning to take a new approach with the build of the LG G6, making a clean break from its 2015 flagship Android smartphone. A metal body will be used for the LG G6, as the South Korean company looks to move on from one of the most-discussed issues with the LG G5.

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UX 6.0 for LG G6 - Square

LG shows off UX 6.0 for G6

When LG launches it 2017 flagship smartphone at the end of this month, there are likely to be few surprises in store. Today the company has continued to make information about the device available publicly, revealing details of a new user interface.

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LG G5 - Titan

LG promotes AI capabilities of G6

LG has offered further indication of what can be expected when they launch their 2017 flagship Android smartphone. Unsurprisingly, like rival companies, LG is set to focus heavily on integrating artificial intelligence into their next big smartphone release.

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LG G5 - Silver and Titan editions

LG G6 to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 821

Reports have emerged that LG may not use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in the LG G6. Instead of Qualcomm’s flagship 2017 system-on-chip, LG are set to deploy the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 inside their forthcoming smartphone.

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LG G5 - always-on display

LG confirm QHD+ display for G6

After poor sales of the LG G5 last year, there is pressure on LG’s mobile division to produce better results in 2017. In an attempt to generate a buzz ahead of the launch of their next flagship smartphone, LG has revealed details about its display.

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LG X Screen - main camera

LG G6 may include iris scanning

LG is in the process of looking at new ideas for next year’s LG G6, which are not related to philosophies the company has adopted with previous flagship smartphones. And reports from South Korea state that one of the concepts that LG is investigating for its 2017 flagship is iris scanning.

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LG G5 - front, rear and removable battery

LG G6 will not have any Friends

Reports out of South Korea claim that LG plans to abandon its modular smartphone system when it introduces its 2016 flagship, the LG G6. It is a potential move that would represent a significant change in mobile strategy for the company.

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