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Nintendo Switch box - grey edition

Why Sony and Microsoft are supporting the Nintendo Switch

Sony PlayStation is one of the most recognisable brands in gaming. It is so ubiquitous that there appears to be little need for the Japanese electronics company to support other platforms. Yet despite the ultra-competitive nature of the video games industry, Sony has already invested in Android and iOS games. Now this expansion is being taken even further, with news that Sony is to release a title on the Nintendo Switch.

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Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft introduces significant new features to Arrow Launcher

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher has received a big update which brings with it a number of new features. The latest release offers an indication of Microsoft’s commitment to Android, as it continues to establish a firm foothold within the mobile operating system.

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Windows 10 Enterprise Edition - Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 - WinHEC

Microsoft successfully deploys Windows 10 on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

Microsoft has offered insight into the future of Windows on mobile devices, showing off a full edition of Windows 10 running on an ARM chipset. Although the Windows Phone platform has effectively been in limbo for some time now, Microsoft is working on delivering a unified experience across all screen sizes.

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Microsoft Solitaire Collection - Android app

Microsoft brings Solitaire to Android

A classic Windows game has been launched on Android, with the release of Solitaire as a mobile app. The new offering has been named Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and supports five variants of the popular card game: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and Tripeak.

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Skype app for Android

Microsoft to make Skype an all-in-one Android messaging app

Since the launch of Google Allo, there has been a lot of talk about the app’s failure to fully integrate instant messaging and traditional SMS within a single client. Microsoft is now looking to take advantage of this opportunity, by introducing a new feature to Skype.

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Microsoft Cortana - Android app

Microsoft’s AI speech recognition now matches human performance levels

Microsoft has announced that its AI speech technology is now able to match the performance of humans. The company has described the development as being an ‘historic achievement’ and ‘major breakthrough’, having seen its technology record a speech recognition error rate equal to professional transcribers.

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Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft to add Samsung Gear VR support to Xbox controller

Soon it will possible to take advantage of an Xbox controller when using the Samsung Gear VR headset. In October, Microsoft will begin enabling the Xbox controller to be used with Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, on Samsung’s virtual reality headset.

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Microsoft OneNote Android app widget

Microsoft apps to be preinstalled on Lenovo smartphones in new patent deal

Microsoft is to further increase its presence within the Android market, after agreeing a new deal with Lenovo. As part of the arrangement, there will be cross-licensing of patents between the two companies, as well as Microsoft’s apps being preinstalled on Lenovo smartphones.

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Microsoft Flow - task automation

Microsoft brings Flow automation to Android

Microsoft’s task-automation app Flow has arrived on Android in the shape of a public beta release. Flow is able to connect with a variety of apps and services, and can be used to design a range of workflows.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 white (front)

Xiaomi buys 1,500 patents from Microsoft in landmark deal

In what is arguably one of the biggest tech industry stories in recent years, Microsoft has agreed to sell 1,500 of its patents to Xiaomi. The deal could potentially see Xiaomi, which has the biggest smartphone market share in its domestic market of China, launch a significant international expansion.

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