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SoundAssistant by Samsung - app volume

Samsung release powerful new audio customisation app

Samsung has released a new app designed to significantly enhance the audio quality of its smartphones. The software provides a variety of fine control and customisation options, allowing users to personalise playback for their own tastes.

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Goolge Play Music and Samsung

Samsung partners with Google for music service

Samsung and Google have made a surprise announcement, with news that the two companies have joined forces to deliver a custom Google Play Music experience. The revised service will be available to Samsung smartphone customers, with Google Play Music becoming the default music player on new devices.

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Google Play Music - AI

New AI features introduced for Google Play Music

A new machine learning algorithm is to be introduced to Google Play Music in an attempt to offer a more personalised experience. The changes are designed to make the service easier to use, so that searching for music does not become a chore.

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Samsung Gear IconX earbuds (various colours)

Samsung creates cordless earbuds for fitness enthusiasts

Samsung has developed a set of lightweight cordless earbuds, known as the Samsung Gear IconX. The earbuds have been designed for fitness enthusiasts and eliminate the problem of a wire getting in the way of exercising.

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foobar2000 audio player - Android app

Foobar2000 released for Android

A well-known audio player has been released for Android. Foobar2000 has been a popular piece of software with Windows users for many years, offering native support for a wide range of audio formats.

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360 video - Carnegie Hall - Philadelphia Orchestra

YouTube introduces 360-degree live video streaming

Back in March 2015, YouTube introduced support for 360-degree videos. Now the video-sharing website is taking the concept one stage further, with 360-degree live streaming.

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LG Watch Urbane

Android Wear gets improved Google Play Music support

Google Play Music has been revised to include better support for music syncing on Android Wear. As a result of the changes, it is now possible to only sync selected tracks to a smartwatch.

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Spotify Android tablet favourites

No Chromecast or Google Cast audio for Spotify

Despite huge demand amongst Spotify users for Chromecast support, the music subscription service has no plans to include Google Cast technology in its apps. Instead, the company intends to focus on the development of its own protocol, Spotify Connect.

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Google Play Music - Android

Google Play Music All Access launches in Ukraine

The expansion of Google Play Music All Access has continued in Europe, with Ukraine the latest country to be given access to the subscription service. Google Play Music All Access in now available in a total of 24 European countries.

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Songza Android app

How Songza will launch in Europe following Google acquisition

Google has announced the acquisition of Songza. The service plays music to suit your mood, using playlists manually curated by an editorial team, rather than relying on automation and algorithms.

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