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Adobe Lightroom - Android app - Selective Edits

Adobe Lightroom gets new look on Android

Adobe has released a heavily-revised edition of Lightroom for Android. While the new version does not offer much in terms of additional functionality, it will significantly change the way that the app is used.

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Garmin Virb - 360-degree camera

Garmin enters 360-degree camera market with VIRB 360

The market for 360-degree cameras is highly competitive at the moment, and now Garmin has become the latest company to produce an offering of its own. But despite a number of products already being available, the Garmin VIRB 360 stands out thanks to its 5.7K video recording.

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Instagram - rings

Instagram makes it easier to find stories

Instagram has announced two new features that are designed to make stories easier to discover. The new features make it possible to find stories through both locations and hashtags.

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Instagram for Android

Instagram offline access being tested on Android

Testing of a new offline mode has begun on Instagram’s Android app. By fetching content when a data connection is available, Instagram is then able to display it when users are offline.

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Nokia Lumia 900 - black - Carl Zeiss lens

Is Nokia planning to use Carl Zeiss lenses again?

Recently when Nokia announced its return to the international mobile phone market, there was no mention of Car Zeiss glass being used for the cameras. At the time it appeared that the iconic relationship was over, although now Nokia has hinted at a possible revival.

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BlackBerry PRIV Android smartphone

BlackBerry Mercury to use same camera as Google Pixel

Camera quality is the one key area where smartphone manufacturers have been seeking to differentiate their products in recent years. In line with that trend, it appears that BlackBerry is preparing to include a top-end sensor in its next smartphone.

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Image from Prisma photo filter app

The Android version of Prisma will soon be available

The photo effects app Prisma is coming to Android, after the developers announced the launch of a new beta programme. Prisma has been receiving a lot attention recently thanks to its ability to take mediocre photos and turn them into something more artistic.

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Google Photos search function - Android app

Google Photos still uploads images after it has been uninstalled

It has emerged that the Google Photos Android app is likely backing up many users’ images without their knowledge. Even after Google Photos has been removed from a device, by default, pictures are still uploaded to Google’s cloud.

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Instagram for Android

Better photo quality for Instagram on Android

There is some good news for Instagram users on Android, with the promise that the quality of images is to improve on Google’s mobile operating system. Photos uploaded to Instagram from Android smartphones have always appeared poorer quality than images sent from iOS devices, with excessive image compression largely accepted as being the culprit.

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Stock Android camera app - options

Is the stock Android camera app about to become a lot more intelligent?

A new feature could be heading to the stock Android camera app, which would make taking that perfect photo just a little bit easier. It seems that Google is working on an intelligent burst mode, which would be able to rapidly take a series of shots, before automatically choosing the best.

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