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Slingshot app

Why Facebook was willing to pay users to test Slingshot

Facebook has been offering payments to potential testers of its new photo and video sharing app. This was a surprising development in many respects, as high profile launches like Facebook’s Slingshot service are not normally short of eager users willing to test what could become the next big thing.

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Photowall for Chromecast

New photo sharing app for Chromecast

Days after its European launch, Google are eager to maintain the momentum of Chromecast, launching a new app for the digital media player. Photowall allows users to collaborate via Android and iOS apps – as well as the Chrome desktop browser – to build a photo collage on a TV.

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Twitter to be preinstalled on some Android handsets in Europe

A deal between Twitter and Deutsche Telekom will see Twitter integrated into some Android handsets in Europe. The agreement will apply to selected Android phones sold on its networks in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and Greece.

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Twitter Android app alpha testing

Some Twitter users to get access to confidential new features

Twitter is introducing an alpha testing programme to a limited number of Android app users. Whilst such schemes can result in buggy and unreliable apps, there is potentially a significant upside for anyone involved.

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