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Twitter Lite

Twitter offer big data savings with new mobile website

Twitter has launched a new mobile web experience, promising to deliver a reduction in data usage of up to 70 percent. The company claims that the website will still offer many of the essential features of a mobile app, while being better suited to slower and more expensive connections.

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Vine - Android app

Vine given limited reprieve

Having announced in October that it was planning to shut down its Vine video sharing platform, Twitter has now said that the app will remain. But while the general purpose of the app will be retained, Vine’s social features will be heavily restricted.

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Flamingo Twitter - unofficial Android Twitter app

Renowned Android developer releases unofficial Twitter app

A new unofficial Twitter app for Android has made an immediate impact, with the client generating a great deal of discussion online. Flamingo has been developed by a well-known developer with good credentials, a factor which has captured a lot of people’s attention.

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Fenix for Twitter - Android app

Fenix Twitter app back on Google Play

A popular third-party Twitter app has returned to Google Play after having a cloud of uncertainty cast over its future. Fenix was unable to accept new users after reaching the token limit that Twitter has in place for third-party apps.

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Twitter accessibility - image descriptions

Twitter adds 420-character image descriptions to improve accessibility

Twitter has started rolling out a change to its Android and iOS apps that will permit users to add descriptions to any photos they post. The update is designed to make the platform more accessible, although it has prompted discussion around the 140-character limit that is applied to tweets.

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Meerkat for Android

Meerkat for Android – what you need to know

Meerkat is now available for Android users to download from the Play Store, having been released as a public beta. The app can broadcast live video streams, which are linked directly to a Twitter account.

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Fenix Twitter app for Android

Popular third-party Twitter app Fenix is blocked

Twitter appears to have blocked users of the third-party Android Twitter app Fenix from posting tweets. As a result, developer Matteo Villa has withdrawn Fenix from the Play Store, although he insists that it will be republished once the problem has been rectified.

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Twitter to be preinstalled on some Android handsets in Europe

A deal between Twitter and Deutsche Telekom will see Twitter integrated into some Android handsets in Europe. The agreement will apply to selected Android phones sold on its networks in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and Greece.

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Twitter Android app alpha testing

Some Twitter users to get access to confidential new features

Twitter is introducing an alpha testing programme to a limited number of Android app users. Whilst such schemes can result in buggy and unreliable apps, there is potentially a significant upside for anyone involved.

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