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Netflix - Orange is the New Black

Netflix blocks rooted Android devices

Netflix has confirmed that it will no longer allow users with a rooted Android device to download its app from the Play Store. It is a change that is likely to prove controversial amongst Android enthusiasts, given the enthusiasm that exists for custom ROMs.

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Olympic Channel

As Rio Olympic Games end, IOC launches the Olympic Channel

The Olympic Games may have come to a close on Sunday, but already there is one visible legacy. At the end of the games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched a new digital channel.

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Sky Store - new Android app

Sky Store now available on Android and it is not just for subscribers

Satellite broadcaster Sky has written to its customers to inform them that it is expanding its Sky Store service to a number of platforms, including Android. As a result of the changes, movies purchased or rented through the service can now be watched on smartphones and tablets.

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Nexus Player

Nexus Player European release and pricing

Google is set to release its first device powered by Android TV – a platform that has been built to offer both a smart TV and gaming experience. Nexus Player has been developed as part of a collaboration with ASUS and will feature music, games, TV shows, movies and other video content.

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4OD - Channel 4

New Channel 4 catch-up service will not launch on Android

Channel 4 is to replace its on-demand service 4OD with a rebranded offering that will be known as All 4. There will be no support at launch for Android, despite it being the most widely-used mobile operating system in the UK – Channel 4’s home market – by some distance.

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Sky Go Tablet Android app

The future of Sky Go

Sky is in the process of preparing for some major changes to its business model, according to reports. The satellite TV company is concerned about the threat posed by internet-based services from American companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Netflix.

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BBC iPlayer - Android programme downloads

Why the BBC has made iPlayer downloads available to nearly all Android devices

There is some good news for Android owners in the UK, with the announcement that it is now possible to download BBC iPlayer programmes on devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, or better. Download functionality was previously highly restricted, but the new policy means that 96% of those who use the Android iPlayer app will be able to store programmes on their devices.

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Chromecast dongle

[Updated] Chromecast apps available in the UK

The following article was updated on 24th March 2014 following a statement from BT Sport about Chromecast support.

Having made its debut in the United States last year, Chromecast is now available in the UK. At launch, the number of services that support Google’s digital media player is somewhat limited, although there are a number of exciting developments in the pipeline.

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Sky Go Tablet Android app

Confusion for ASUS Transformer TF101 owners over Sky Go Tablet launch

Sky Go Tablet launched on the Play Store earlier today, and whilst it is compatible with an impressive range of Android tablets, there are a couple of prominent exceptions. The app’s status on the ASUS Transformer TF101 is unclear, with owners unsure whether it will ever be officially released for their device.

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Virgin TV Anywhere Android app

Is Virgin TV Anywhere now better than Sky Go?

Virgin Media customers will be hitting the town tonight (or charging up their tablets, at the very least) in celebration of Virgin TV Anywhere arriving on Android. A year after its iOS launch, the streaming service – for customers of the cable TV provider – has expanded its offering to include users of Google’s operating system.

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