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Olympic Channel

As Rio Olympic Games end, IOC launches the Olympic Channel

The Olympic Games may have come to a close on Sunday, but already there is one visible legacy. At the end of the games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched a new digital channel.

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360 video - Carnegie Hall - Philadelphia Orchestra

YouTube introduces 360-degree live video streaming

Back in March 2015, YouTube introduced support for 360-degree videos. Now the video-sharing website is taking the concept one stage further, with 360-degree live streaming.

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Sky Store - new Android app

Sky Store now available on Android and it is not just for subscribers

Satellite broadcaster Sky has written to its customers to inform them that it is expanding its Sky Store service to a number of platforms, including Android. As a result of the changes, movies purchased or rented through the service can now be watched on smartphones and tablets.

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Meerkat for Android

Meerkat for Android – what you need to know

Meerkat is now available for Android users to download from the Play Store, having been released as a public beta. The app can broadcast live video streams, which are linked directly to a Twitter account.

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Firefox OS alternative to Chromecast delayed

Whilst Firefox OS may not have yet taken the smartphone world by storm, there are still some who believe that it has the potential to compete in other arenas. A Chromecast rival powered by Firefox OS has generated a lot of interest, but those looking forward to testing out the new device will have to wait a little while longer.

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Nexus Player

Nexus Player European release and pricing

Google is set to release its first device powered by Android TV – a platform that has been built to offer both a smart TV and gaming experience. Nexus Player has been developed as part of a collaboration with ASUS and will feature music, games, TV shows, movies and other video content.

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4OD - Channel 4

New Channel 4 catch-up service will not launch on Android

Channel 4 is to replace its on-demand service 4OD with a rebranded offering that will be known as All 4. There will be no support at launch for Android, despite it being the most widely-used mobile operating system in the UK – Channel 4’s home market – by some distance.

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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft to launch Chromecast rival with Android support

Microsoft is set to launch its own high-end streaming media stick. Similar to Google’s Chromecast, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter allows content to be streamed from devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones directly to larger screens.

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Google Cast (beta) Chrome extension

Chromecast beta adds 1080p support

Google has added another feature to Chromecast, which it hopes will entice more people to try out the media streaming stick. Following an update to the beta edition of the Google Cast extension, it is now possible to test full high definition streaming direct from the Chrome desktop browser.

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Sky Go Tablet Android app

The future of Sky Go

Sky is in the process of preparing for some major changes to its business model, according to reports. The satellite TV company is concerned about the threat posed by internet-based services from American companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Netflix.

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