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Windows 10 Enterprise Edition - Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 - WinHEC

Microsoft successfully deploys Windows 10 on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

Microsoft has offered insight into the future of Windows on mobile devices, showing off a full edition of Windows 10 running on an ARM chipset. Although the Windows Phone platform has effectively been in limbo for some time now, Microsoft is working on delivering a unified experience across all screen sizes.

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Nokia Lumia 1520

Are Microsoft about to introduce Android apps to Windows Phone?

There is speculation that Microsoft could be planning a major change in strategy when it comes to apps on Windows Phone devices. The company is said to be considering introducing Android apps to its smartphone platform.

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Nokia X in black, red & green running Skype

Nokia Android phones more expensive than Windows Phone stablemates

Nokia is to release three new Android phones in a much-anticipated move to diversify the range of products it offers. Distribution of the Nokia X series will be limited, with emerging markets being specifically targeted.

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Nokia X (blue)

Microsoft looks to take on Android with new generation of budget Windows Phones

One area of the smartphone market almost entirely dominated by Android is the budget handset sector. A huge range of manufacturers produce cheap Android phones, from the likes of Samsung to Chinese companies making white label devices.

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Android robot

Why Microsoft can’t drop Windows Phone to fork Android

With PC sales declining and attention increasingly switching towards mobile devices, old stalwart Microsoft is under pressure. There is a belief that the company entered the mobile operating system race too late, and that unless drastic action is taken, they will be unable to compete with Google and Apple in the future.

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