BlackBerry-TCL Wi-Fi certification

TCL might be making the next BlackBerry smartphone

There is growing evidence emerging that BlackBerry has outsourced its next smartphone to TCL Corporation. A listing has been spotted on the website of the Wi-Fi Alliance that has hallmarks of being a BlackBerry device.

Most significantly, the Wi-Fi certificate in question refers to a device with the model number STH100-2. This follows the naming scheme that is used by other BlackBerry products – for instance, the BlackBerry PRIV carries the model number STV100-1.

Also of interest is the device’s product name: DTEK 50. This is noteworthy because DTEK is also the name of BlackBerry’s privacy package, which comes preinstalled on the BlackBerry PRIV.

DTEK is also available as a standalone offering via the Play Store.

Since it was first spotted on social media, the TCL device’s certificate has been removed from the Wi-Fi Alliance website.

TCL is a well known consumer electronics company in China. It also sells smartphones in western markets under the ALCATEL brand.

In April this year BlackBerry chief executive John Chen announced that the company would be releasing two mid-range smartphones in 2016. He explained that the reason for this is BlackBerry acknowledges that it needs to become more competitive on price.

It is therefore easy to see why TCL could be considered a suitable partner by BlackBerry. The ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL 3 is a highly-rated smartphone that has been heavily praised for offering good value for money.