Telegram integration with IFTTT

Telegram adds IFTTT support

The Telegram instant messaging service has added a major new feature, in the form of IFTTT integration. The addition means that Telegram can integrate with a range of products, from Gmail to Philips Hue light bulbs, to provide a significant level of automation.

Telegram uses applets in order to perform functions such as sending an instant message when important emails arrive, and automatically uploading new photos from a Telegram channel to Dropbox.

As well as taking advantage of the applets that are already available, users can also create their own.

IFTTT currently supports over 360 services. In addition to those already mentioned, there is the likes of Spotify, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Assistant, Pocket and Nest.

The integration is delivered through the @IFTTT bot.

Support for IFTTT dramatically opens up the use cases of Telegram, given the vast array of services that can be connected to.

It is now possible to use Telegram as an assistant, in a similar fashion to Google Assistant, although there is a key difference between the two platforms.

Google Assistant is capable of offering artificial intelligence, which can be accessed by IFTTT through Telegram. But IFTTT itself is built to deliver automation, rather than natively learn new information.