Telegram Call

Telegram launches voice calls for western Europe

Telegram is promising that its new voice calling service will offer a secure way of staying in touch with contacts. The instant messaging service has been testing the feature for some months, with the roll-out now beginning in western Europe.

Voice calling on Telegram will make use of the same end-to-end encryption technology that is used for the app’s ‘Secret Chats’ instant messaging.

Although there are already many other services offering voice calls, Telegram is hoping that its reputation for privacy protection will prove enticing.

And with increased use of artificial intelligence throughout the tech industry, Telegram has made AI a key component of voice calls.

For a privacy-focussed service like Telegram, implementation of AI was always going to be different to products like Google Assistant.

Telegram is not able to access the content of calls, instead relying on network data such as ping times and packet loss. The service uses this information to learn how to deliver increased call quality.

Although the roll-out of Telegram voice calls is beginning in western Europe, the company promises that worldwide availability will be offered very soon.