Android Lollipop

Ten-year anniversary of the original Android team joining Google

Although today Android is the dominant mobile operating system, used in more than one billion devices worldwide, its origins are not talked about much outside the tech industry. Yet there is no denying that the OS has become a truly mainstream product, used by consumers throughout the world.

Originally Android was not actually part of Google, but was instead a relatively small independent company.

It was ten years ago, on 11 July 2005, that the original Android team joined Google, as the result of an acquisition. The anniversary itself passed largely unnoticed, until Ficus Kirkpatrick – who was part of the original group of eight who worked on Android under Google ownership – tweeted about the occasion.

Kirkpatrick joked that he was hoping for a gold watch to mark the anniversary, although it looks like Google decided to go for something a little more understated.