Tesco Hudl tablet (purple)

Tesco readies Hudl 2 Android tablet

The Tesco Hudl has proven to be a big success, with over half a million of the low-cost Android tablets having been sold. Now the world’s second biggest retailer is set to release a successor, with the launch of the Hudl 2 due to take place on 3rd October, just over a year after the original Hudl was unveiled.

Last year there was a significant degree of scepticism amongst the tech press when rumours first emerged that Tesco was looking to launch its own tablet. Plenty of budget Android tablets already existed, but most performed poorly and arguably did not offer good value for money.

The Hudl from Tesco therefore proved to be something of a surprise. Its specs and performance were very reasonable, and at only £119 the Hudl’s price was very competitive.

In the past year, however, the budget tablet market has moved on somewhat. At the same pricing level as the Hudl, there are now a number of reasonably quick tablets with decent screens, such as the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176CX), Acer Iconia B1-730HD and Lenovo Tab A7-50.

Tesco will have to come up with something distinctive if it is to repeat the success it enjoyed with the original Hudl. And the need for progression is something that has been recognised by the company.

“Hudl 2 improves on just about every area of its predecessor, from screen size to speed, design and accessories,” said Robin Terrell, Group Multi-Channel Director at Tesco. “Where the first Hudl was used by many as a secondary device, Hudl 2 has the capability to take its place as customers’ primary tablet in the home.”

The comments from Terrell tie in with the invitations that Tesco have issued for a London-based event on 3rd October, which will almost certainly see the Hudl 2 unveiled. Tesco’s invites state: ‘We want to show you the bigger picture.’

Where the first Tesco Hudl offered a cheaper alternative to Google’s Nexus 7, its successor appears to be aimed at the bigger end of the tablet market.