Sony Xperia XZ - all four colours

The Sony Xperia XZ is more popular than you realise

In late 2016, there have not been many mentions of Sony in discussions about the leading Android smartphone manufacturers. But just because it might not be band-of-the-moment, does not mean that its handsets are not popular with consumers.

Data from app metrics company Apteligent shows the Sony Xperia XZ was actually the most popular flagship Android smartphone, in the second half of 2016. And not only that, the device also appears to be considerably more popular than its rivals.

Apteligent is able to collect data through its APIs, which are present in many apps. Obviously the company’s information is only reliable if its sample is representative, but there are reasons to believe the data could be accurate.

The data from Apteligent shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was initially leading the way, proving much more popular than other handsets. Then use of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 dropped dramatically, around the time that a global recall was issued for the device.

The usage patterns of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 are in-line with expectations, indicating that there might be some value in Apteligent’s data.

[via Pocket Now]