Google Trips - Trip to Spain

Travel app Google Trips is now available

Google has unveiled the latest addition to its collection of services, with the release of Google Trips. The new app is designed to make planning travel adventures as easy as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying your trip.

Google Trips collates as much useful information as it can about a travel excursion – everything from flights and hotel reservations to local points of interest. The idea is to cut out the hours spent planning for things like locating accommodation and instead display all of the relevant details in a single place.

It is not necessary to spend time entering a lot of information into the app either, as details are automatically retrieved from Gmail, using emails such as booking confirmations.

The app offers a personalised service and can plan entire days based on individual interests. Alongside this, local attractions are also listed by category, including ‘Kid Friendly’, ‘Indoors’ and ‘Outdoors’.

Data can be saved offline, which is a very useful option when travelling abroad, in particular. Is is therefore not necessary to have a network or wi-fi signal in order to retrieve valuable information such as the location of a hotel and reservation details.

There is good news too for anyone running an older version of Android: Google Trips is compatible with devices that include Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above.

Anyone wanting to plan an adventure can get started with Google Trips right away as the app is live in the Play Store and available for download.